Daily Archives: January 17, 2015

I put this image in my Black-capped Chickadee files but probable should have  placed it in winter scene section. I believe that this was taken up to the farm last January the 28th. "A book is an eye for the frozen sea of the soul". - Franz Kafka

  An image of the River Side Drive Bridge from the South Side of Binghamton and the bottom image is of the Washington Street bridge. These images are from Last  January but it pretty much looked like the same thing today when I had to run up town for a bit. Maybe there was a little bit more ice but the same type of weather anyway. It's very cold hear for us, this makes two years in a row that we've had these prolonged cold spells. Up until last year we would be luck to have any snow on the ground for any length of time. Anyway, hope you enjoy the images from my neck of the woods even if it's last winter, MT :) Binghamton 007