Art Nalls F/A 2 Sea Harrier

R.A.S. 170 hairyer

Here are some more images from the 2014 Rochester NY Airshow. These 7 images are of Art Nalls and his F/A 2 Sea Harriers performance that Sunday. More information of this plane and it’s pilot are on the back end of this post from the official Rochester Airshow site . Enjoy 🙂

R.A.S. 171 hairyer

R.A.S. 172 hairyer

R.A.S. 173 hairyer

R.A.S. 174 hairyer

R.A.S. 176 hairyer

R.A.S. 177 hairyer

R.A.S. 175 hairyer

Art Nalls Sea Harrier

The only civilian-owned Harrier jump jet in the world, otherwise known as an F/A 2 Sea Harrier, will be flying in the Rochester International Airshow. The Harrier will be flown by former Marine Corps aviator and graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School, Lt. Col Art Nalls USMC (retired).

“Adding these thrilling demonstrations from the F/A 2 Sea Harrier to the already edge-of-your-seat headline performances by the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will certainly mean even more family-friendly fun and excitement at this year’s Airshow,” said County Executive Maggie Brooks. “I think the Greater Rochester International Airport and Airshow promoter PEC Management for working together to build upon the success of our airshow year after year by securing some truly top-notch and unique acts.”

Retired United States Marine Corps Lt. Col Nalls purchased his Sea Harrier from the Royal Navy in Great Britain in 2006 and spent over 2 years restoring it before starting on the airshow circuit. He and his fellow aviator, Joe Anderson, also a retired Marine Corps test pilot, are the only two pilots authorized by the FAA to fly this unique airplane. The F/A 2 Sea Harrier can reach speeds in excess of 700 mph, in addition to the Harrier hover and flying side-ways and backwards.

“This is a tremendous addition to the 2014 Kwik Fill Rochester International Airshow,” according to Dave Cooper, the Airshow Coordinator. “At the Airshow in 2002, we were privileged to host the AV8B Harrier from the Marine Corps, and it was a huge hit with the crowd. But this is a rare treat to have Lt. Col Nalls join us for the show because he only does a limited number of Airshows each year and we look forward to hosting him this year.”

  1. vera ersilia said:

    Great photos. I saw the Harrier at a California Air Show several years ago. It was impressive !

  2. Even MORE Birds I can’t eat!
    *(tail flap)!* (but GREAT SHOTS)! 😺

  3. Over here in England the Harriers were based pretty close to where I live, and times we could drive along the road and they would suddenly appear from behind the trees with the vertical take off Wow ! Still one of the best craft in the world in my eyes 🙂 Nice shots by the way.

  4. This is a flying thing, too, but this is different from the usual bird.
    Interesting !!

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