Monthly Archives: November 2014

A Flower that was in a local garden here in Binghamton. As ways, I have no idea to it's name or anything. I will say that It is a very festive looking flower though with its beautiful coloration. Well, hope you enjoy the image of it :)

A sun rise image taken from the rout 26 bridge that's between Endicott and Vestal New York this past year. The river is the Susquehanna River. Another 4 or 5 miles up stream is Johnson City and then Binghamton after that. You can't see any of that in this image witch is probably good. Take care and have a good night, MT :)

A Yellow Rumped Warbler that I saw at the Little Chocnut site 2 area last month. This the only workable images I have of this neat little bird this year. Last year I had something like 60y or 70y images of them. Not that I bib not see them, I just could not get close enough to come back from the outings with any workable images. The bellow images is a Yellow Rumped from last year that I have already used on this blog, but thought that it would help as a reference to the one on top. This one was down along the Susquehanna River between Johnson City and Vestal New York. yellow-rumped warbler 017