Daily Archives: November 7, 2014

A male Yellow-belied Sapsucker that I believe I took the image of up to my brothers home this past summer. Its another bird that I did not see to much of ether but I've never really did in the first place until I learned to open my eyes and see what nature was offering me. In this case the bird was leaving behind clues to its presents in my area. Its drill hole in the trees and leaves patterns that no other creator could or dose. Ones I learned what I was looking at in general  I started to look for them and of cores, I found them. I'm still learning as I go and I hope with the same passion that I've always had! Enjoy and have a great night :)

A Wood Thrush that was singing in the back woods at the family farm. The shoot was taken this past spring. I did not see to many of them this year, most of the times that I went out up to the farm they were not there.  No call, no songs no nothing! I definitely missed seeing them this year.