Getting ready for fall

Scarlet Tanager 028

This is one of the Male scarlet Tanager that hung around at the farm this past summer. He is going through a malting pieride where he become very similar in colored like the female before the migration. He’s losing his red for the yellowish or green drabish coloration. The images aren’t the greatest but you can see the transformation that this bird go’s through. Scarlet Tanager images #28, #29 and #31

Scarlet Tanager 029

Scarlet Tanager 031

These last two image I have used before recently but you can see what the male looks like in spring and summer. Enjoy, MT 🙂

Scarlet Tanager 018

Scarlet Tanager 034

  1. Leslie said:

    I don’t get to see that too often!

  2. Great pics, I love seeing birds from your country! Thanks

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