Daily Archives: October 14, 2014

A Pileated Woodpecker looking for grubs in an old died fallen tree. This image is from the fall of 2012 and I'm not sure if I have used this one before or not. I did see one fly over my house today as I was doing some yard work.

An images of my favorite bird, the Indigo Bunting. This male was hopping through this died crab apple try when I shoot his in the Town of Maine just north of Binghamton NY. It may be my favorite but it is the most difficult bird for me to get. It's skittish behavior along with the large territory the male fights for keeps the numbers down in a given area depending on the acreage involved. The last year that I ran with 35mm film we had three breeding pairs up to the farm. The last three years I have not seen any breeding pair stay up there other than passing through in spring but I have seen them stay in our parts of our county. I'm still waiting for my perfect shoot of one of them that I can be really happy with..