Colors of Autumn, Insect #35

Insects 035

A Woolly bear Caterpillar on his march across the local country side. They are stating to see them come out in good numbers now. You can almost see them every wear. Neat little things!

  1. Lisa said:

    So vibrant. 🙂

  2. I’m sure you’ve heard about the tradition of predicting the severity of winter by the amount of black on Wooly Bear Caterpillars. The more black–the greater the severity of winter. I don’t know if I believe all this–but, it makes a fun tradition.

  3. marycheshier said:

    WoW! What a great shot! I love everything about it; the colors, the clrity and of course the caterpillar

  4. Alix said:

    Indeed it is. Very colorful caterpillar.

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