The North American B-25J Mitchell, “PANCHITO”

R.A.S. 081 B-25

The B-25J Mitchell “PANCHITO” was another WW2 aircraft that made an appearance at this years 2014 Rochester Air Show. The B-25 being my favorite of all aircraft of WW2 era, It’s always had an hold on me and my imagination. It just looked like an awesome aircraft to me with its lines and curves along with it’s interesting tail end. This J model with the glass front end has always being the more preferable to me. I use to have dreams of owning one when I was a young boy. I have made many different plastic models of it growing up, that was always fun for me. Anyway, enjoy these 14 images that I had taken of it while it was there.

R.A.S. 110 B-25

R.A.S. 108 B-25

R.A.S. 082 B-25

R.A.S. 094 B-25

R.A.S. 100 B-25

R.A.S. 101 B-25

R.A.S. 098 B-25

I Love this shot of the aircraft banking.

R.A.S. 099 B-25

R.A.S. 102 B-25

R.A.S. 093 B-25

R.A.S. 088 B-25

Bombay doors are open with this pass showing the boom bay.

R.A.S. 107 B-25

R.A.S. 109 B-25

I thought that this was a neat shot with the Trojan Horsemen performing as the Panchito was being towed to its staging area. I’ll post images of the Horsemen a little latter along with some other performers.

Bellow is the description from the official Rochester Air Show website.

DAV – B-25 Panchito

 The North American B25 was among the famous twin engine medium bombers used during World War II. It was the most widely produced American twin engine combat aircraft. No doubt, part of its heroic stature derives from its namesake, the outspoken Gen. Billy Mitchell who proved once and for all that bombers could destroy targets, and that wars would nevermore be decided only on land or sea. The B-25 achieved worldwide fame on April 18, 1942. Sixteen B-25′s, under the command of Lt. Col. James Doolittle, were launched from the aircraft carrier Hornet in a daring raid on five Japanese cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Kobe.

The B-25J “Panchito,” named after the feisty rooster from Disney’s animated musical The Three Caballeros, was a bomber with the 396th Bomb Squadron, 41st Bomb Group, 7th Air Force, stationed in the Central Pacific. After several attacks on various Japanese strongholds in Southern Japan as well as Japanese help Eastern China, she was scheduled for another bombing run to Japan on the day the Japanese surrendered.

The North American B-25J Mitchell Bomber was among the most famous twin engine medium bombers used during World War II. The B-25 Mitchell “Special Delivery” honors the achievements of Lt. Col. James Doolittle and his daring raiders who helped turn the tide of the war in the Pacific.

  1. Great shots of the B25 on the ground and in the air. Air shows are a lot of fun. I attended Wings Over Wine Country Air Show here in Sonoma County, California in September. There was a B25 here as well. I’ve posted a few images from that air show on my blog. I’m most pleased with this one

  2. Nice to know you feature all kinds of birds. 🙂

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