Daily Archives: September 20, 2014

A Bumblebee on a flower. The image is simple enough but though that I would present you with a change today or just something different. I've bean looking at what some of my images mite look like black and white. This one was my test bed working with a program I just recently stumbled across on my lap top that I had on it all along. I'm not big into changing the content of the image with color or editing things out but black and white work is different and I do have a fascination for it currently to try it out on a few images in up coming posted. So please let me know if you like it or not in a comment. I'll probably present them in the same way as this post, with both images. Bee & Hornets 032-1 PS: fishing was not bad yesterday if anyone was quires. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Only brought one Brown Trout home the keep for a latter meal. Long day thought, 6 1/2 hours on the road and about 7 in the water.