Wellesley Island State Park Stay

Wellesley Island SP 005

Just got back this afternoon from my vacation with the boy up in the Alexandria Bay area of New York State. We did not stay were we wonted  to due too it was booked solid and we ended up finding some accommodations at Wellesley Island State Park for camping and boating activities. Hear are some images that I thought that I would through at you today on this late hour.

Wellesley Island SP 004

Fishing in the fog on the morning of the 24th.

Wellesley Island SP 002

Wellesley Island Marina, larger boat sizes.

Wellesley Island SP 008

Smaller Boats.

Wellesley Island SP 009

My cruiser waiting to be unpacked for service on the water.

Wellesley Island SP 006

Two of the boys, M-C and his cousin Patrick riding there bikes around the park facilities and road ways. I’ll end with two more images of the surrounding area but I’ll have to emit that I did not have to much time to explore the hole park. This place was hug and the boys kept me busy most of the time! I did get plenty of Osprey images though, there had to be 30 or 40 of them in the park area that we were. On the other end of things, I hope to catch up with everyone in the next few days. Take care and enjoy, Michael.

Wellesley Island SP 012

Wellesley Island SP 011

  1. Sorry, wanted to just suggest something…why not try another template?

      • May be twenty twelve theme or Hemmingway rewritten theme. Check them out . . . any theme that will enhance the beauty of your photographs.

    • Thank you. The first two images are the same shoot, the first is just a draw-in from the second. Cropping is every thing when it come to exhibiting your images I think. Any other work or enhancement on the images would just be a lie about the truth of the moment at hand I believe.

  2. justmusing said:


  3. Stan said:

    Mike great photos. Takes me back to when we went up to Butterfield Lake. Good times

    • talain45 said:

      Yes indeed, Great times. The scenery is about the same, but the water was much deeper here though. Every time that I go up in that area ether by my self or with the boy, all of those old memory come up. Good, Great Memories! It was a very joyful period in our lives when we were growing up and spending time together as a large family group. I would definitely love to do it all over again. Things are good with me and the boy and I’m staying strong. Thanks for stopping in Stan, I’ll catch you a little latter with you. Tell Rachel I seed hello and give my love to the rest of the family, Love Michael 🙂

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