Daily Archives: August 21, 2014

This past weekend I went to the Rochester Airshow with my two oldest sons M-C and Nickolas. Me and M-C were up there as sight seers but  Nike was actually one of the Volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol Unit from Binghamton that helped out with crowd control and help gibed the aircraft movment on the runway around the spectators. It was a great event that me and M-C spent all of Sunday walking around and taking pictures of everything. I'll have a bunch of images to share latter on as I go through them. My biggest thing right now is to get back healthy, I guess that I got too much air or sun in Rochester because I coat a nasty nasal infection that slowed me down a little bit. Hopefully it will go away before I start this weekends adventure tomorrow morning that I had mentioned earlier today.

A Osprey landing in a nesting area on the St. Laurence River outside of Alexandria Bay NY. I'm going to be up in this area this coming weekend and I'm hoping that they are still there!