A small parking space

Insects 017

Just something a little different for today,  A type of Hover Fly sitting on a  wild flower petal.

    • Thank you very much photoleaper 🙂

  1. Beautiful ans I like the title!
    Have a nice evening Michael:)

    • Thank you Sophie. The title is definitely better then the inventory number that I usual give the posts. I have to come up with something creative every now and then for a title. The image it’s self is a little different from my usual images as the main subject matter is smaller with softer colors then my usual compositions. I really did not think that it would get over 30 or 40 likes, the original post I just used as a filler post and I had doubts that I should have used it at all. It was a pleasant surprise. Thanks again Sophie for your wonderful comments and your own personal works that I find so enjoyable on my end. Have a wonderful weekend, Michael 🙂

      • I also like your inventory title because we know how many picture you take , and it is not so easy to find good title each time 😉 You know that I like bugs and people like little things that are disturbing their lunch or walk ;-). But your are a very great bird photographer.
        It is good to try new things and most when people appreciate !!!
        Thank you to appreciate my pictures 🙂
        Have a lovely week end too

  2. Aging Hippie said:

    As ever, you always amaze me!

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