Butterfly #35 & #36

Butterfly 035

A Butterfly that I think is a Comma Butterfly or perhaps a Question Mark Butterfly. I saw this neat little one up in the Cannonsville Reservoir area out of Deposit NY along a small stream bed that I was fishing in for Brook Trout.

Butterfly 036

  1. He is very beautiful with his wings like autumn leafs. Great pictures Michael.
    Have a nice sunday 🙂

    • Thank you Sophie, I hope you enjoyed Sunday 🙂

  2. keekeepod said:

    I see a comma (the light-color semicircle marking) on the wing in both pictures, unless that is some kind of artifact.

    • Thank you very much for your input on the Comma Butterfly, Michael 🙂

      • keekeepod said:

        Thank you for the images. I’ve only read about the difference between comma and question mark butterflies. I’ve never been able to capture a clearly identifiable image. Now I see.

  3. photographing butterflies is a lot harder than people may think. So often I’ve just lined one up and it flits off…

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