1. vera ersilia said:

    It is always wonderful to see a great bird in flight.

    • When I watch them sore so gracefully in the sky it makes me wont to fly for myself. The pleasure and enjoyment that they get out of it must be great. Can only dream of that kind of freedom.

  2. laurie27wsmith said:

    Been away have we Michael? Great pic by the way. cheers,
    Laurie. 🙂

    • Yea Laurie, I spent four day up to Taughannock Falls State Park that’s on Cayuga Lake just above Ithaca NY with my boys. We did some camping and boating on this outing. Also we did some hiking on the upper trails around the gorge and falls for the first time. I’ll share picture of it latter after I go through them. I’m sorry for the absents without notification, all is well.

      Tomorrow, me and my oldest son are heeding back out to do some fishing and boating on Butterfield Lake up in the St. Laurence Seaway region on NYS for a couple of days. Maybe I’ll come back with some good images of the trip to share with everybody.

      Talk to you soon,
      Michael 🙂

      • I was wondering too 🙂 But glad to hear you and had a nice time with your boys. Nice photograph, Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

      • Thank you Nia ever so much. It sounds like a butch of my friends thought I fell off the face of the earth for a why’ll.

      • laurie27wsmith said:

        I thought I would ask Michael, just to make sure you were okay. Sounds like quite an adventure and I do look forward to seeing whatever pictures you put up. cheers, Laurie. 🙂

      • Thank you Laurie, the trip should be fun. I’m out of here with in 30 minutes to hit the road. Enjoy your weekend, Michael 🙂

      • laurie27wsmith said:

        Don’t get wet Michael. 🙂

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