A Group of Dragonflies

dragonfly 018

A group of Dragonflies from my area of New York State. I don’t think this is all of them but it is the more numerous ones hear. This one on top I believe is a Twelve-spot Skimmer Dragonfly.

dragonfly 001


dragonfly 024

A Brown-spotted Yellow-wing.

dragonfly 004


dragonfly 015

A White Tail.

dragonfly 016

A Green Darner

dragonfly 028

A Red Skimmer.

dragonfly 27

A Half-banded Toper.

  1. Beautiful shots! I’ve always loved dragonflys….however I have not developed the talent to photograph them as well as you.

  2. I am rather turned off by dragonflies, but your photos are amazing.

  3. Don said:

    Beautiful shots. The dragonfly has become a very special symbol for me. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful set, I love dragonflies and this set show so many difference species, great !!!!!
    Thanks Michael have a nice day 🙂

  5. Alix said:

    You know your dragonflies, I see. Great job.

  6. These are wonderful Michael, especially the green Darner. Laurie. 🙂

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