Daily Archives: June 10, 2014

A Kingbird that I saw at the Little Chocnut Site 2 area a couple weeks back. This one I'm finding it difficult to get images of, he just will not sit still for me and is always on the move. I'm going to have to change my tactics on him and come up with something new. The bottom images is not so good but I wonted you to all see his tail because when he fly's it opened up like a fan and is an oddity of his flit style. It is similar to the mourning Dove when it takes off. He belongs to the flycatcher family of birds and that's what I usually find him doing. Kingbird 06  

Some images of Toads that me and my son, M-C  found in a small pond in are area in mating and egg laying mod back in May. I believe that this paticaler one is the American Toad and is the most common one we see here. You can see some of the egg strings in this top image along with some of the following images. Enjoy :) Tod 10 A pair of toads embraced. Tod 06 Eggs strings. Tod 12 Tod 09 Tod 03 A male singing for a partner.