Daily Archives: June 9, 2014

A Canada goose that I got close to on a fishing trip with my oldest son. I love these birds, if you spend a lot of time around them you will realize that they are quit clever. You can see them working things out in there heads at least dealing with their fear of us and if they trust us being so close to them . And they are so ever graceful in their movements ether in the air or on the ground, like a king and queen going for a stroll around the garden for all to see. Just peaceful in nature I find them to be. canada Geese 068 canada Geese 061 Images #61, #67 & #68.

Two rose blossoms that opened up from one of the rose bushes in the back yard. I wish that could have come up with something a little more poetic for this post but all of my attempts to do so failed so I'll levee you with just the images and you can create your own hearts story for it. Flowers 208 (WLFM)