Monthly Archives: May 2014

This a good local place that I know that is just out side of the Binghamton area you can go and see for miles from its elevated site. It's a good place to catch a great sunset every now and then. It's on the upper end of East Main Road near the Broome County Airport or know as the Greater Binghamton Airport. Me and my oldest son MC have been visiting it recently to catch a few sunset. MC is starting to find his passion for photography just like his old man. He would also love to have his fathers camera as well to take his images, I'll have to work something out for him eventually. sun set 048

Turkey Vultures that were flying over the woods I was walking through in the Town of Dickinson just north of Johnson City NY. I love the way they gracefully fly through the ski on those big wings. It looks so easy for them to do so. No the most prettiest bird I get images but it has it's place in nature. Turkey Valture 12

These images of a Red-tailed Hawk that was sitting in a tree along the Susquehanna River in Binghamton NY are some of the last one I have to share with you. Back between November and March, They were all over the place up here in my are of New York State. I don't see that many any more these days. Hope you enjoy them :) red_tail85 red_tail82