1. Leslie said:

    Great shot. So difficult to get a clear look at one of these little guys, and you got him with his crown up. Love it!

    • Thank you Leslie. He was fighting with another male over a female. The both of them were displaying their crowns for 5 or 6 minute completely oblivious to may presents. It was a good outing for me. I ended up get good handful of great images out of it.

      • Leslie said:

        Nice! I had something similar happen with a small flock of Golden-crowns. They were on the ground and so busy eating and displaying that they didn’t care that I was standing there for five minutes taking photos. Nothing as good as this Ruby-crowned, though. He is postcard ready!

  2. Harmony said:

    This bird is beautiful and really well photographed.I love her little red crest.
    Good evening.

    • Thank you Harmony and I hope you enjoy your evening as well.

  3. vera ersilia said:

    Some of your shots really touch my heart. This little bird is rendered in all its loveliness.

    • Thank you Vera. I’m really glad the you still love some of my images. I hit a low the last couple of months but now I’m starting to find my rheum again. Thank again, Michael 🙂

  4. Maya said:

    What a great shot! I haven’t been able to get a decent capture yet of this bird that launched my birding life.

    • Thank you Maya. The Ruby-crowned Kinglet is the trigger to your birding passion. The Indigo Bunting is mine and I find it to be just as allusive to me as your Kinglet. I have not seen one this year yet but it will come eventually. Enjoy your day.

  5. This bird is beautiful with its striking red cap and tweed coloured upper body! 🙂

    • He is a dainty little thing to, about the size of a warbler.

  6. Alix said:

    Beautiful bird and the right shot to show it.

  7. Alix said:

    Took another look at it. Awesome.

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