Graceful wings

Turkey Valture 08

Turkey Vultures that were flying over the woods I was walking through in the Town of Dickinson just north of Johnson City NY. I love the way they gracefully fly through the ski on those big wings. It looks so easy for them to do so. No the most prettiest bird I get images but it has it’s place in nature.

Turkey Valture 12

  1. Your photos today reminded me of the brand new condor exhibit that opened for the first time this weekend. We have 3 magnificent specimens from California. Beautiful vulture photos.

  2. we have these in the Texas Hill Country too. i have yet to be very good at capturing them – but i’m practicing! it’s interesting how many species our areas have in common given the distance between. 🙂

    • I do believe that we do have a large number of the same types birds between are two areas, so you are right. You should be on the other hand very close or on the border of some west coast species that are a little bit more colorful than what I have hear in NY. Good luck and keep trying to capture these images of the vultures your locking for. I’m still trying to improve on my images going from one outing to the next. I’m not scarred to keep clicking and burning memory card space. Also do a lot of manual focusing rather then trusting auto focusing, give that a try on some of your outings. Enjoy 🙂

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