Ruby-crowned Kinglet #35 & #36

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 035

A male Ruby-crowned Kinglet that was in my back yard yesterday. I was pretty much entertained all day with this little one visits in to my back yard as I was catching up on my yard work. He would announce him self every time he visited with a little warble sound saying to me, “I’m Here, Come Find Me”. He did this 8 or 9 times through out the day. It was very enjoyable trying to capture him and listen to his songs in what will probably just be a short week or two visit as they are passing through. The first image of him is by far one of the best images I’ve ever taken of any bird recently, I’m really quit happy with this one. I will share more in days to come, enjoy and take care 🙂

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 036

  1. That is a great photo! I wish i could get one of these birds to stay still long enough just to get an average photo. Super bird photo!


    • Yesterday on this little one, I went through about 300 images to come up with maybe 20 or more workable image. I had the same issues with him jumping around and not staying still. I got a lot of blurred images in this encounter, but I’m happy. Thank you for your comment and your beautiful blog as well. I’d love to see a Blue Groesbeck and the way you captured it, Simply beautiful 🙂

      • You did a great job and thanks for your comment on the Blue Grosbeak.


  2. Very nice captures, and I share the astonishment that you can catch these birds still and sharp!

  3. Harmony said:

    It is a beautiful bird that meets only in your countries.You’re very lucky to diversity is high.Great photo with a lot of patience.

  4. Wow, it is so rare that the ruby crown shows itself, I am in awe of your photographic talents.

  5. Leslie said:

    Nice and clear! They are incredibly difficult to photograph.

  6. Very beautiful bird, with his red spot he is so cute
    Have a nice day Michael

  7. One of my favorite little birds! Great captures 😊!

  8. Sue said:

    Fantastic! The one I photographed did not show this glorious red.

  9. laurie27wsmith said:

    An exquisite picture Michael. You certainly have to work to get the right one though. Little birds tend not to sit still for too long at all. Beautiful.

  10. thats lovely, i really appreciate being able to see the detail on these birds that is really only to be had with a clear capture! thanks

  11. justmusing said:


  12. Mags Corner said:

    What a pretty little bird and these pictures are superb!

  13. Right place, right time and bucket loads of talent to produce this detail… Awesome little bird – it cheers me up just looking at it!

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