Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

A Skipper Butterfly that I took its image of on June 1, 2013. I could not find the name for this particular on in my books. It looks like the Hobomok Skipper the most but the Geographic locations do not match so your guess is as good as mine. This images is another one from the back fields an the family farm property out side of Binghamton

A couple of Cedar Waxwings that were up to the farm last week. A Male and Female, the male is in the background and has the red tips on the ends of it's inner flight feathers on the wings.

A Song Sparrow looking for snails along the crick side that flows into the Little Chocnut Site 2 area. I watched this fella for about 10 or 15 minutes as he was looking for the snail so diligently. I could not tell you how many he got or eat in that time frame but it was a lot. When he finally noticed me their, he vacated the area. I'll have to look for this type of activity along the crick bed this coming summer. Well, enjoy! song sparrow 015  song sparrow 010  song sparrow 011 song sparrow 012  song sparrow 013