Butterfly #21

butterfly 021

I think that this is another Eastern tailed Blue Butterfly image that I taken at the family farm’s in the  back fields last year.

  1. It depends on the color inside the wings (blue or brown) and if in the inferior wing if there is little orange spot.
    One of mine that seems to be the same than yours :
    I am not a professional of butterfly but I’ve find to french websites and with the latin name you can find them in english
    Enjoy your day Michael

    • Thank you Sophie, I will. I hope you enjoyed your day as well. My best, Michael 🙂

  2. aivlys said:

    Michael this is not the Eastern Tailed Blue. Here is a link to my page for your comparison:

    It is an Azure, most likely the Spring Azure

    I checked the database for butterflies in your area, and the only Azure for Broome County is the Spring. But if the shot was taken elsewhere, here is the link for you to see what other Azure options it might be.

    Now that Spring is in the air, I’m looking forward to seeing what you will find this butterflying season!

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