Some Wintery images from my area 2/17

Binghamton 017

These are some resent images I have taken around my area in Binghamton, NY. Some are from Binghamton it’s self and others are from my neighborhood. Hope you enjoy 🙂

snow 24

snow 17

snow 29

snow 31

Binghamton 024

  1. Lyric Gems said:

    Love these scenes…a wonderland to write about.

    • talain45 said:

      I’m glad you like the scenes, if I could only write some thing poetic. It never was one of my stronger suits. I’ll levee it up to the imagination for the viewer. Thanks for stopping in, Michael 🙂

  2. chatou11 said:

    Wow, lot of snow and beautiful pictures. We saw NY’s weather on franch TV. Perhaps it would be nice to put a coat on the statue’s shoulders on the first picture…must be cold!

    • talain45 said:

      It was cold the three weeks before we got this snow. We had -9 degree one day a bunch of days in the – degrees temperatures so it has been cold. We are supposed to be moving in to some warmer temperatures this coming week, maybe in the 40’s for a high. the snow is the most we’ve had in a few years, Its kind of nice to see it stick around for a wile. I’ve been keeping my eye on California’s drought on TV this winter that they are experiencing now. It makes me sad and I also learned that Southern Australia is having troubles too through Laurie a blog friend of mine. My prayers go out to both. Its good to hear from you Chatou, love and all of my best, Michael 🙂

  3. Mjollnir said:

    Love the pic with the fence. 😀

    • talain45 said:

      Thanks, I think that one is neat as well. I’ll have to go back when the sun is out and see if I can get a better image. It was in a neighbor’s lawn as a property divider a few streets over from ours. Something different I suppose! Take care, Michael 🙂

    • talain45 said:

      Thank you Joanne. Take care, Michael 🙂

  4. I want to capture snow sometime in the future. I’ve only been around it a few times so far and that was before I had a camera of my own. Lots of beautiful pictures here. The last one w/the curved lamp is very good. The second photo is my favorite out of all of them.

  5. That’s a lot of snow. But Spring in on the way. Have you witnessed any spring returning birds yet?

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