Milk weed Pod

Milk-weed 02

Milk weed pod expelling its seeds along Pennsylvania Av. in Binghamton. My grandmother once told me many years ago when I was very young that the white hairs on the seed were angel hairs and that why these fly through the air so gracefully. I remember that that astonishes me in its self, angel hair or not. Bless you grandma for the gifts I can remember as you watch over me from heaven.

  1. ae.i said:

    I like your grandma’s explanation 🙂

  2. Great plant to find insects and bugs. Great detailed photograph!

  3. The Editors of Garden Variety said:

    Lovely picture and story.

  4. laurie27wsmith said:

    Grandma’s always have an answer for everything.

  5. A beautiful image and a lovely remembrance!


  6. Your Grandma was very insightful woman. Clearly where you got your sensitive eye for the natural world!

  7. parth893 said:

    I love them whenever i see it 😛 I kinda become kid 😉 ♥ lovely shot

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