Daily Archives: January 18, 2014

The Bobolink, odd name for a bird. We get them every year up to the family farm property. They manly hang out in the old hay fields and cow pastors in the area. The males will set up territories that they will defend from other males. If another male come in the resident bird will chases him out but female can come and go as they please. The male is also one of the few birds in my area the make Arielle displays that are accompanied by a warbling song to attract female to their spot of real-estate. This year I hope to pay more attention to they and get closer/better images of them. All three of the images here are of males and are from the farms back fields. At the last minute I decided to put the forth image in that I've used before, its much clear then the first three and you can see its golden spot on the back of its head better. Enjoy!!! bobolink005 bobolink002 bobolink004X