Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

My wife Maria rottenly goes for walks in our neighborhood of Binghamton at least once a day. Recently I've been accompanying her on some of the walks. On this past Saturday morning the 11th, I took my camera along and got some of my first images of this new year. We had a light rain coming down at the start of our walk that went away in the first ten minutes. It set the stage for some fog coming off the south hill of Binghamton that was kind tranquil and peaceful to walk through.  Birds singing along the upper elevation part of the walk. Cardinals, Chickadees, Blue Jay, Titmouse's and Sparrows. We did not see or hear any birds on the way home on Vestal Av. deer 001 We did see three deer just off Vestal Av. including this one with a bum knee. She gets around OK and I see her every now and then when I come home from work at night. stream 001 A small stream the comes off the hill that Maria likes.

I believe this is a Meadow Fritillary Butterfly, I had a hard time finding it in my book though. There are so many different patterned schemes on this family of Fritillaries and Orange Patterned Butterflies. I never saw these one in our area of Broome County NY until this pasted year. They might've been blown in on that lengthy weather system we had late spring of last year. This one was at the farm property.