A good year for apples and bees

bees&hornets 015

Some hornets enjoying the tasted of New York State apples at Loan Maple Farms Orchard on Binghamton south side This past year, New York State had a record crop of apples even after that late frost we had last spring that supposedly killed all of the fruit tree blossoms.

bees&hornets 014

The hornets were more  noticeable this past year in the surrounding country side then the Honey Bees. Hopefully it will not be a long term absents with them.

  1. M. R. said:

    Yes, I SO prefer bees to hornets! – terrific shot, though … On a totally different subject – is it possible for you to change the colour of your text? – I find it frightfully difficult to read one grey on another … Sorry for the whinge …

  2. There are hornets and then there are the monster hornet of Asia, They can be nearly as long as the length of your fingers and can destroy a nest of about 30,000 honey bees with a few of their friends in about five hours.

  3. My evergreen pears are flowering right now and my trees are so loaded with wild bees the backyard buzzes!

    • talain45 said:

      It sounds lovely Indra! Is the drought affecting you at all in your area. We hear about California drought here in New York and hope for the best for you all. Enjoy natures music, Michael 🙂

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