Folded-winged and Spread- winged Skippers Collection

butterfly 018

This is a small collection of Skipper Butterflies that we have in our area of New York State. The top image is a Silver-spotted Skipper and the largest one we have in the area along with the next image.

butterfly 065

The next two images I believe are Yellowpatch Skipper, may be the size of a quarter with their wings spread out.

butterfly 022

butterfly 070

A White Checkered Skipper that looks blue to me.


And last, a pair of Zarucco Duskywing Butterflies.


We do have more varieties of Skipper here in the Binghamton area but these are the only one that I have images of. All of the images of these Skippers are from the family farm property that is just north of Binghamton. The last two images are from 2012 and I may have used them in previous posts.

    • talain45 said:

      Thank You Victor. Your comment is very appreciated, Michael 🙂

  1. Great capture. Some of them if not all look like moths….

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