Eastern Bluebirds images #35 & #38

eastern bluebird035

eastern bluebird038

A couple of images from this last winter of Eastern Bluebirds at the family farm. They pretty much stay up there all year long, I’ve only seen them levee one’s do to a very harsh winter. A very hearty little bird that gives me a lot of joy when I see them. One of the few birds that the male and female both have coloration that is similar.

  1. ‘hearty’ – as you wrote. I think, they cause similar loving emotions as titmouses do.

  2. Steph F said:

    What a wonderful picture. Beautiful moment captured. Thank you.

    • talain45 said:

      I stumble through life’s beautiful moments with a single passion, actually I get very lucky with the camera when I’m on my hikes. I don’t know about it being Amazing but just one perfect moment in time for that experience. Good to hear from you Indra πŸ™‚

  3. I so love birds of all kinds! I have mostly robins in my house (of the ceramic or porcelain kind!) Thanks for the views of birds! Sincerely, Robin

  4. Teju said:

    What a beautiful freeze! such a pretty little bird!

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