Happy Thanksgiving from Talains Photography


Today, I thought I’d share 2 of the 3 images I have of wild Turkeys. Definitely the best of the 3 though not my usual close-ups – These guys are hard to get for me. They always know I’m there before I even see them and by the time that happens this is what I see, them running away. These images are from the back field at the family farm as the turkey is jumping the fence line to the next clearing beyond the tree line..

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from my family. May you by thankful for all of the blessing in your life that you have.


    • nliakos said:

      I’ve seen that Nature program and also liked it very much!

  1. kenj4ta said:

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Wonderful attempt to get near enough for the shot.

  2. Mike, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family also. I enjoy looking at your work.

    • talain45 said:

      Thank you, as I do yours as well.

  3. chatou11 said:

    Well he did not want to finish in the oven for Thanksgiving..lol

    • talain45 said:

      No, I don’t think he did at all..lol

  4. nliakos said:

    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mike. Thanks for your images, which always brighten my day even when I don’t “like” or leave a comment.

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