Anna’s Hummingbird #64

anna's hummingbird 064

A Male Anna’s Hummingbird from the Ojai Valley area of California. A beautiful little bird and depending on how you look at it, the colors of its head can range from purple, red to pink. I’m almost all out of my good images of this bird that I took wall in California last month.

  1. Such a wonderful shot! I just rescued one of these little guys recently. He was in a turf war w/ a fellow hummingbird.

  2. chatou11 said:

    For sure it can only be a male with such colours.. this fellow is beautiful. Thanks Michael

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like Him. I only had a short time in California to capture this wonderful little birds. Some day I hope to make it back out there if not just to see these little gifts again. Julia has been quit an angle to me here. She has been Very helpful in many way to my journey over the last 7 months. I’ll have too thank her for it all appropriately some day. Thanks again for your visits, Michael 🙂

      • Julia is a good soul. It’s nice to read how helpful and supportive she’s been. Nice!

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