Turkey Vultures

turkey vulture 014

A Turkey Vulture that was flying over the family farm in Broome County, NY. This is one of the largest birds that we have in my area. Bigger then a chicken with an 8 foot wingspan or more it is easily identified.  Its quit an impressive bird that floats effortless in our skies.

turkey vulture 015

A group of buzzards that was roosting in the trees on the northeastern side of Butterfield Lake in Redwood, NY. Usually when we see them, they are in groups of 6 to 9 birds  in the Binghamton area. Up here in Redwood one late morning we saw 63 of them soaring with a thermal over the lake. Makes me think of all those old Clint Eastwood and John Wayne western movies that I used to watch.

  1. Must be amazing to see one, but breathtaking a group of them.

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