Wave Watchers

boys 01

“Wave Watchers” These three boys are my sons, Michael-Cornelius, Nicholas and Daniel. They were having fun playing tag with the oncoming waves. We don’t get to see the ocean much on our side of the country so it’s a like a new thing when we visited State Beach in Ventura, California. They had so much fun when we visited this site twice on our stay. In there game of tag, the waves usually won.

boys 03


boys 04

Nicholas and Daniel.

  1. ksbeth said:

    what a great day (and pics), for all of you –

  2. Incredible first photograph in particular. I love the silhouettes and the beautiful light reflections on the distant waves! Great capture! Like they are resting for a moment to contemplate the beauty of the nature they are playing in!

  3. chatou11 said:

    You have a lovely family Michael. I love the first picture with a nice black light and I can see your sons enjoy sea very much.

  4. Tammy said:

    Looks like they are having a wonderful time….and what great memories!

  5. Wonderful photos and great looking boys – but it scares me to see them so close into the water and going to meet the waves. The Pacific is very treacherous with tremendous rip tides that carry people off. I assume you know that… as long as they stay at the edge of the breakwater they will be alright.

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