Daily Archives: November 3, 2013

An Anna's Hummingbird image from Ojai, California. This image is the result of one of my opportunities that I got, to get in fairly close to the Hummer and I came away with this beautiful image. Persistence does pay off if it's only accompanied by true patience, not just through wanting drive to obtain something. They work together, but are not the same. So many times I have go out and come back empty-handed. I have learned to love and relish my past opportunities in my captures. Often I am very persistent to chase my quarry down  instead of being patient and waiting for it to come to me. They both work depending on their place in time and location. The Ojai experience was definitely a high point to my passions. I learned new things to carry me forwards that build on the old. Not only in my photography but in life as a whole. It's been a long and patient life that has got me to this place. I love and feel more alive than ever, and young at heart. I encourage all of you to keep faith in your self and your passions and take whatever is thrown at you as it is meant to be that way, it is just another learning experience to value. Thank you for all of your loyalty, Michael