1. www.macuisineetvous.com, www.mesphotosetvous.com said:

    Superbe série. bonne journée.

  2. I am a huge lover of butterflies. May I re-blog this on your behalf? Belinda

  3. Harmony said:

    What diversity of butterflies.I’ve never seen so many.They are beautiful with their colors so diverse.
    What you put in the cups to attract?
    Javier thank you for these great pictures.

  4. laurie27wsmith said:

    An excellent display of fine photos, great subjects.

  5. The range of colors in the butterflies is amazing. Your shots are wonderful. I have been in a butterfly conservatory and know that it is not at all easy to get good shots (insufficient light, cluttered backgrounds, etc.)

  6. So enjoyed this blog. I’ve never seen these butterflies … until now.

  7. Mona said:

    Lovely collection……..

  8. What a magical place that must be to visit! Beautiful shots. I kept the email post just to look at & relax. Thanks for sharing.

  9. judilyn said:

    The butterflies are so beautiful! Do you live in Oneonta? I had a friend there decades ago! Betty Low plus three kids who would be 40-45 years old now.

    • talain45 said:

      The Conservatories butterflies are beautiful aren’t they. And “No”, I do not live in Oneonta though I’m close enough for an hour hoop from my home in Binghamton witch is about 60-65miles west off I-88. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  10. Anonymous said:

    I love these gorgeous butterfly pics and they are so awesome. Great work.

  11. The best butterfly “collection”. They are all so beautiful! I am so glad you visited my blog.

  12. Wow! Beautiful photos. My favorite butterfly in your photos is the number 8. It has an impressive orange color and the contrast with the back color makes it stand out beautifully. By the way, thanks for liking my photo post “Horizon”
    Kind greetings,

  13. Marcella Rousseau said:

    Gosh, they’re so beautiful! I recognize the Buckeye butterfly as I had 2 in my yard a few years back. I wish there were more butterflies around and that they lived longer!

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