Clipper Butterfly

Oneonta Butterfly Conservatory 036

A Clipper Butterfly from the ( O.B.C. )

From the handbook: The Clipper is an extremely variable butterfly with the background color ranging from blue to green or orange. However, the translucent white forewing patches and dark markings are characteristic. The underside pattern is much paler. The sexes are similar. Clipper butterflies are attracted to lantanas blossom.

Distribution from India and Sri Lanka through Malaysia to Papua New Guinea.

  1. opreach said:

    This one is beautiful too. I guess the butterfly can’t help it if it’s not dramatic red! 😉

  2. Wonderful shot. I know from experience that it is tough to get artistic shots like this in a butterfly conservatory. Great job.

  3. Lovely Shot of super Lovely Butterfly 😀

  4. sylvia said:

    One of the species that shares my name…Parthenos Sylvia. Love it!

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