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Oneonta Butterfly Conservatory 030 A Red Lacewing Butterfly from the ( O.B.C. ). From the handbook: There are two female forms of this butterfly: one resembles the male, the other has a dull green ground color. The undersides of both sexes are orange-red with lacy patterns of white lines outlined in black. Several species in the genus are similar. These butterflies are on the wing throughout the year. Widespread from northern India to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

A Clipper Butterfly from the ( O.B.C. ) From the handbook: The Clipper is an extremely variable butterfly with the background color ranging from blue to green or orange. However, the translucent white forewing patches and dark markings are characteristic. The underside pattern is much paler. The sexes are similar. Clipper butterflies are attracted to lantanas blossom. Distribution from India and Sri Lanka through Malaysia to Papua New Guinea.