Daily Archives: July 31, 2013

Drifting with the wind Last week on the 21st, we were in our house having dinner when we heard odd sounds. When we went outside, we found this hot air balloon drifting slowly over our neighbors' home. These people in the balloon were probably looking for a place to land in the surrounding area. They kept looking over the sides and pointing at different spots on the ground. A different neighbor said that he was shouting back and forth with them for some ideas of what's coming up in their oncoming path, if there were any large open spaces. Unfortunately there were none, and they had just passed between  the two places they could have  potentially landed in ( the Weis and UHS parking lots ?). They drifted ever so slowly southwards towards the oncoming hill and the farm fields beyond. We could see them for more than an hour, drifting up and over the hill, illuminating the hill-side with the blasts of the balloon's jets of hot air, as the night creeped up upon them. I am sure they landed and probably had stories to tell of their own.