Daily Archives: July 28, 2013

A Greenish Blue Butterfly on a blade of grass. It has pale white coloration on the bottom of its wings with small blackish spots. The top of its wings are blue with white trim. I guess some times he can have a faintly greenish coloration on the top wings, hence his name.

Today's first post is a "Thank you to all", I have reached a 1000 followers. The number itself is a measurement that does not depict all of the great blogs that have come through my site. Some of you I have found on my own, but most of you stopped here before I discovered you. There is so much beauty and strength in all of us. Like above, one butter cup by itself does not stand out much. When we add ourselves to the equation, we make this blogging site brighter and more beautiful. Again, thank you to all and keep clicking and shinning ever so bright. Special thanks to Barbara at for being my 1ooo's follower! She's got great recipes and a wonderful little blog going on.