Daily Archives: July 7, 2013

Binghamton 023 Binghamton 014 Binghamton 013 Binghamton 015 Binghamton 016                                                             Binghamton 019 Binghamton 020  Binghamton 021 Binghamton 022 Binghamton 026 Binghamton 024 Binghamton 010 Binghamton 009 Binghamton 027 Binghamton 012 Binghamton 025 Binghamton 028 Binghamton 029 Binghamton 011 Binghamton 008 Here are some images of Down Town Binghamton I took about three or four weeks ago. I think they are a good depiction of the down town area, with some of the old architecture and the new. Binghamton is a small city I think with a population 47,000 as of 2011. It is still to big for me, I like being in the country side a lot more but, trying something new with my camera.