Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

A Female Common Loon swimming in Butterfield Lake near the town of Redwood, Jefferson County NY. I got this image while fishing on the lake last week. Last week I was a little disconnected from the internet and my blog, for I was on a family vacation in the Alexandria Bay area of New York State. We stayed at a lake side cottage on Butterfield Lake just outside of the town of Redwood, NY, about 7 or 8 miles from the 1000 Islands bridge that leads to Canada off I81 North. We stayed with another family we know from our area in Broome County, NY. The week was great, the weather was perfect, the water was cool and the fishing was good. Our two families got along great as well, all 13 of us. The only thing that seemed to be a problem in my boys' minds was that there was no phone, no cable and no Wi-Fi for their laptops and games. "It was great!" While up there I managed to take some images of birds that I do not have in my area of New York. I captured the Loon above and some images of Osprey's and Pine Warblers as well. The rest of them like the Eagles, Heron and Geese, I do have in my area of Broome County.