Scarlet Tanager

scarlet tanger 013

I finally found a Scarlet Tanager, turns out that I didn’t have to travel very far to find it! There’s a pair of them in the woods up the road from me, the place that I take walks in the fall with my wife and where I got the downy and the pileated woodpecker shots. Never expected to find them there. The places I used to see them in the past seem to be dominated by rose-breasted grosbeaks. The 2 will fight over same habitat for domination.

I’ve been hit and miss with my posts recently, and I’d like my avid followers I am still here, I’ve been concentrating more on spending time on my reader and keeping up with others’ blogs. I’ve also been enjoying the outdoors and catching up on tasks I needed to accomplish. So, I am OK, there’s nothing wrong, I’ve just slowed down a little bit.

  1. Beautiful bird! I haven’t seen on here, but we do have western Tanagers.
    I’ve been pretty much in the same condition as far as posting and business are concerned. We need longer days!

  2. Stunning little bird! Great composition too.

  3. This is a wonderful photo of a beautiful bird. It is one I have never seen before.

  4. LucyLiving said:

    What a glorious colour and light you’ve captured:) Lucy

  5. Wow … this is just Awesome bird , just look at the color ❤ nice capture 😀

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