Hidden treasures

ruby-crowned kinglet007

A male ruby-crowned kinglet that was passing through our yard. I got some nice images of him that I’ll span out the next week or so to show.

This image  makes me think of this little guy that was trying to hide so hard from me and I still managed to get images of him, and how it impacts us if we try to shelter ourselves from others, hid or whatever, we are still seen. Living behind, maybe not the impressions we thought we should of in others’ minds but found and recognized anyway. In good nor bad impressions, the ones that usually pay attention to us are the ones that love us unconditionally anyway or just have an understanding of us in general. Family, friends, and neighbors, and even our unseen blogging community. Each one of us has treasures to show outside of what we are showing or sharing already even if we don’t  know what they are. The understanding of these Treasures and or events  make the happening perceived. I show you visual images that I hunt for ever so proudly but I don’t share the experience I found in the moment in words to match with you. This is the part of my photography I find the most enjoyable and relaxing. That’s the element that is missing from most of my posts. My wife sees that creative side of me and the ingenuity in some of my hunts. Some of you can read into the images and understand what’s going on or know how I obtained the image without asking because you understand subject mater.  When I go to others posts or blogs, I look for creativity, feelings, does the image or wording moves me emotionally, can I relate to the topic and have a common understanding of it. No exclusive club, no bias and no need to have common ground in subject mater. We all perceive things slightly different as a hole in various topics anyway. Live and learn together through our shear experiences. Just the love in what your trying to share. Just shine as you are and don’t be something you’re not. People will find and appreciate the treasures you share and in the person you are.  The treasure is the gifts we all have. No need to hide or to be scared of the thought that you’re not good enough. Share it freely without being afraid of the doing. You will find those who are interested in you and what you’re sharing with them, so “Fly little birdies, fly”.

A good rule of thumb that I’ve always worked with is to find the good in all situations you encounter and be yourself. There’s no need to hide from that, you keep your integrity that way. Live it, love it, and embrace it. Michael

  1. Your new background comes from this new serie? Looking forward to seeing some more 🙂

    And i like the picture, hidden and yet recognizable 🙂

  2. Interesting post. It was good to read your thoghts included with this photo. Prompted by the hiding bird, it felt a natural sharing of yourself, perhaps more than you normally feel comfortable doing? I can relate to your thoughts and although I am still finding my place in blogging, I am already trying to do exactly what you describe with my nostalgia based blog. I share my memories and thoughts, humour and sadness, trying to share life in a way that means something to at least a few others.

    Although health problems restrict my ability to take many pictures now, I love photography, and want to begin sharing some I took in the past and more I will try to take now. I may begin a connect blog to do that so that it doesn’t detract from my nostalgia theme. Thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog, I will try and remain a regular visitor here too – your photos encourage me to stretch to take more pictures myself. 🙂

    • Thank you and it is a privilege to meander through your blog as well. Life is too short to hide anyway, I’ve come to believe. I hope the health issues are not persistent and you will return to your photography passion. Look forward to the next, God speed, Michael 🙂

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