Daily Archives: April 25, 2013

flowers021 My wife Maria's  patient waiting for her hyacinth plants to blossom ended this past week with all of the warm weather. We've had several plants blossom in their beautiful pinks, reds, blues and white flowers with that nice fragrance. Maria camps out in her lawn chair next to them enjoying the scent of them. Today's hernia procedure went well for me, no complications and no unseen problems, pretty straight forward, the doctor said . I'm experiencing pain associated with the repair of the 3 hernias, which is typical , dealing with it well.  I'm feeling more like a cyborg from Star Trek with all the extra parts, 2 pieces of surgical felt and a mesh from today's procedure and a donor ACL from a previous surgery. Resistance is futile! Thank you for all your support and prayers. Michael

Well, I have about an hour before I got to report to the hospital for today procedure. I thought I'd leave you with a guessing game of identifying these birds. the image are as I took them, some are easier then other to identify. I'll give the answers when I'm well enough to get to my laptop, maybe a day or two. Have fun and Good luck :) 1) 2) starling01 3) crow04 4) great blue heron001 5) eagle10 6) pileated17 7) sharp-shinned hawk001 8) turkey vulture006