Ice, Nature’s way of making ornaments

These images I took today along the Susquehanna River in Westover, Johnson City west side. We’ve had a mixture of snow and rain the past couple of weeks in are area and up stream. The river was higher two days ago and the temperature had dipped into the teens leaving some of the ice formation higher in the tree limbs and such, hanging out of the water as the levels have dropped.

  1. And what a good job she’s made. Well captured

  2. puzzle said:

    each one of them is amazing!

  3. Jo Ann said:

    We are wet, wet, wet here. Seeing lots of signs of spring here. Winter is loosening its hold…

  4. Love these! Superb pictures of ice in its transparent majesty. Wonder how long they’ll last?

  5. liliesandleaves said:

    Beautiful jewels of nature… thanks for stopping at my blog from time to time. Much appreciated, and I so enjoy what I see here always.

  6. Excellent finds! Winter is definitely slowly releasing its grip, but hasn’t quite given up!

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