Daily Archives: December 30, 2012

Taughannock Lower Falls Ithaca NY Farther up the path, one of many level drops. falls02 falls03 This year most of New York State was experiencing a draught and the water tables were down and the level of water coming off the falls was drastically different from when I had visited as a child. It was more spectacular with more water volume. I'm planing on going up to this area in the next couple of weeks to get some snow and ice shots!

This one I'm not quite sure about other than they're Skipper Butterflies! I think the top one is a Sleepy Duskywing but the colors are darker than the one in the book. The bottom one was definitely different and dark in color like the Common Sootywing but I'm not shure on this one either. The image was taken in a large field overrun with dandelions in May of 2012.