Banded Hairstreak Butterfly

Summer 2012

    • talain45 said:

      Thank You, and yes I did.

  1. Hal (GT) said:

    That’s a wonderful shot. I always struggle on getting good close ups. Usually end up rather blurry when I use my zoom and macro. I love how you were able to get it against that solid unfocused background. Really helps it pop.

  2. Brenda Holt said:

    I’ve never seen one like this!

  3. Very nice clear shot! And thanks for stopping by my Maine photos post1

  4. cynt5525 said:

    Love this photo!! Thanks for liking my lovebirds !!! *Cynthia

  5. elizabethgelhard said:

    This is very beautiful! Thank you so much for visiting my Soul truths blog!

  6. I come from Japan. Thank you for following my blog. Your photos are perfect in both vividness and coloring.

  7. thank you for the image- very nice capture
    and thank you for visiting my blog as well – i shall have to post some of my smaller captures as well

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