Daily Archives: September 17, 2012

Hello, Welcome to Talain’s photo blog. Enjoy your visit

My name is Michael. I am an amateur photographer in my 40’s. I am an outdoor enthusiast that has combined the love of birding with photography and expanded off of it occasionally. Most of my subject matter is nature oriented: birds, bees, trees and flowers with sunsets, rainbows, and with rocky towers thrown in. But don’t be surprised if I throw in something else that is not nature oriented occasionally. If it catches my eye, I’ll put it in and try to give you some background on the photo’s subject matter!

This blog is actually my wife’s idea. She is the biggest supporter of my pictures. At first she wanted me to take pictures of roses and other flowers for her blog. She finally convinced me to share my photos that are usually seen only by my immediate family members.

I started out taking pictures with a disc camera and eventually moved up to a 35 mm Cannon Rebel camera in the mid 80’s that I used for many years. It is a good camera body, light weight and easy to use, but I did move up  to the 35 mm Cannon Elan 7E or EOS 30 model next. It is a good, large, camera body full of a lot of good features that allow you to enjoy picture-taking and special effects to your work. I still use this camera occasionally. Now, I moved up to the Cannon digital 18 mega pixels camera body, my first digital camera. So far, I am enjoying my experience with it, and most of the photos that you will see in this blog are from this camera. It has the basic lens 18-55 mm,  28-90 mm and I also use the 75-300 mm lens. I do have a 2x converter, but I rarely use it, because you sacrifice  F stops and need outstanding conditions to get the best results out of it… a really sunny day. The real good thing about this digital camera body is that I can use the 35 mm lenses with it, or with other brands you cannot swap.

Well,  I sincerely hope you enjoy my photos!