A Lake Ontario Sunset. On Monday, me and my boy went out on to lake Ontario for some Salmon Fishing off shore about a mile and a half in around 70 to 80 feet of water. Most of the larger fishing boats were farther out this day as you can see in the distance in this image. The boy were a little scared being so far out in the lake so we did not go any further. The water was calm enough for the adventure on are little base boat and the attempt to fish that day. We did not catch any fish on this outing but managed to get some really nice sunset images before we came in.

Just got back this afternoon from my vacation with the boy up in the Alexandria Bay area of New York State. We did not stay were we wonted  to due too it was booked solid and we ended up finding some accommodations at Wellesley Island State Park for camping and boating activities. Hear are some images that I thought that I would through at you today on this late hour. Wellesley Island SP 004 Fishing in the fog on the morning of the 24th. Wellesley Island SP 002 Wellesley Island Marina, larger boat sizes. Wellesley Island SP 008 Smaller Boats. Wellesley Island SP 009 My cruiser waiting to be unpacked for service on the water. Wellesley Island SP 006 Two of the boys, M-C and his cousin Patrick riding there bikes around the park facilities and road ways. I'll end with two more images of the surrounding area but I'll have to emit that I did not have to much time to explore the hole park. This place was hug and the boys kept me busy most of the time! I did get plenty of Osprey images though, there had to be 30 or 40 of them in the park area that we were. On the other end of things, I hope to catch up with everyone in the next few days. Take care and enjoy, Michael. Wellesley Island SP 012 Wellesley Island SP 011

This past weekend I went to the Rochester Airshow with my two oldest sons M-C and Nickolas. Me and M-C were up there as sight seers but  Nike was actually one of the Volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol Unit from Binghamton that helped out with crowd control and help gibed the aircraft movment on the runway around the spectators. It was a great event that me and M-C spent all of Sunday walking around and taking pictures of everything. I'll have a bunch of images to share latter on as I go through them. My biggest thing right now is to get back healthy, I guess that I got too much air or sun in Rochester because I coat a nasty nasal infection that slowed me down a little bit. Hopefully it will go away before I start this weekends adventure tomorrow morning that I had mentioned earlier today.

A Osprey landing in a nesting area on the St. Laurence River outside of Alexandria Bay NY. I'm going to be up in this area this coming weekend and I'm hoping that they are still there!

"Fuzzy Tugboats", this image of Mallard Ducklings was taken on Cayuga Lake near Taughannock Falls SP back in June of this year. They were hugging the shore line with an adult bird in a group of 7 or 8 ducklings. thCAG7THJ6 - Copy (4)


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